Saturday, August 19, 2006


Storage Solutions


A blog entry solution for storing circular needles.



 Free Sweater ShaverSweater Stone

Sweater Stone is a natural pumice which has the unique ability to remove pilling from knits with each sharp edge of a broken cell. It actually cuts the filament that holds the pill to the garment while the cell breaks off, removing pilling and restoring the nap on fabrics.   

A source for leather purse handles.


Leather Handle


The Knitting Zone

Suede, sew-on purse handles, sew-on magnetic snap (plastic, not certain how this would hold up), suede sew-on purse bottoms.


Floral Felted Bag:

Good site for photo of bag with leather handles




A gadget for making i-cords.


This is the blog I found out about the lucet:  




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