Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Color or Striping Inspiration

Fibonacci Striping Pattern Example

This is an example of a Fibonacci striping sequence in a sweater


  Mason Dixon Baby Kimono:  idea for striping



Log Cabin Afghan

Log Cabin Colors for inspiration before completed

Log Cabin Colors for inspiration


 Mitered Square Afghan Colors

Miter Diplomacy Round 1


Shows what finished products look like in the yarn/colors:  interesting...


Wobbly Circles Tote (I just liked the colors in this bag)

Interweave Knits Magazine - Spring 2006 Yarn Requirements

Classic Elite Montera (50% llama, 50% wool; 127 yd [116 m]/100 g): #3862 kingfisher blue (turquoise, MC), 3 skeins; #3887 pear (light green), #3885 Bolsita orange, #3829 aqua ice (light blue), and #3823 spring leaf (medium green), 1 skein each.


Stitches I like

Linen Stitch and Half Linen Stitch

Scribble Lace

Mosaic Garter Stitch is a slipped stitch pattern stitch that uses 2 or more colors to achieve a color knitting effect without "carrying" the yarn.  It is easy to do and has a interesting "beaded" effect.  This site shows an example with 17 colors!  You carry the yarn up the side, twisting to keep it secure.


Mosaic Garter Stitch pattern called Crosspatch from a pattern in garter stitch. Based on Barbara Walker.   .


Mosaic Knitting:  Wendy Wonnacot's article:


Kristi Porter's article and pattern on Mosaic knitting on:


CatKnitz blog entry on "Beaded" and striped Baby-Bib-O-Love here. 


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