Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Special Knitting Techniques

Special Knitting Techniques

Here are some knitting techniques that you might like to learn.


Domino Knitting Patterns Square 1

Domino knitting is mitered squares plus a whole lot more.


Mitered Squares No Sew.  The first 2 links are from Mason Dixon KAL.  It is a way to join mitered squares without sewing.  It produces a very fine end result.  The 3rd link is another option for a no-sew mitered square join.

       Psychedelic Squares Afghan Stocking St Version        


Log Cabin Alternative Stitch Pick-Up

Log Cabin knitting alternate way to pick up stitches: (I like it!)


Scribble Lace

You have to see it to believe it.  Debbie New invented it in her book, " Unexpected Knitting."  Mason Dixon Knitting promoted it in their book and there is a good photo on this blogspot.  


Combined Knitting:

If people say you knit "backward" (like they say I do) then you are probably a "combined" knitter.  Check our Annie's website for the whole story.


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