Sunday, July 22, 2007

I-Cord Softie Toy Tutorial

I-Cord Softie Toy Tutorial


Take the i-cord straps from your Button Knot Bib (free pattern) or make quantity 3, four (4) stitch, 9" long i-cords.  

(Another option for the i-cord straps is to use a simple knitting machine such as the Embellish-Knit!.  You will make each cord separately, the desired length.  I have a video tutorial and a written tutorial on how to use the Embellish Knit machine for i-cord.)


They can be the same color or different colors.  I have used orange, purple and yellow/green.

Step 1.  If you are using the straps from the Bib, then untie the knots at both ends of one of the i-cords.

If you are knitting i-cords, you can just follow the directions from the free pattern, or another option is to use a simple knitting machine such as the Embellish-Knit!.

Step 2. Fold the i-cord in half and re-tie the ends in an overhand knot so that a loop is formed.


Step 3.  Insert the second strap with knots at each end through the loop.


Step 4.  Tie the third strap or i-cord around the upper third of first i-cord loop (which has formed the "body" of the toy).  These photos show the front and back of the toy.

Now you are finished!!  I attached some novelty yarn at the top to give my toy some wild hair!  You could use leftover scraps of yarn or anything soft to decorate your toy.  Embroider eyes, spots, etc. and away you go!  For safety, please do not sew on buttons or other small objects until your child is old enough not to put things in their mouth and possibly choke




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