Saturday, September 02, 2006

Felted Bag Magnetic Snap How-To

For felted bags, I have a suggestion for how attach the magnetic closer or snap that I discovered after several trials.


Instead of attaching the magnetic snap to plastic canvas, (as many “how-to” instructions, fabric stores, etc. will tell you)


1.  Take the felted swatch you made for the purse (you did that, right!?!)

2.  Cut a square or rectangle slightly larger than the snap (you will need room to sew around the snap since you will be sewing the felted square/rectangle to the inside of the purse once the snap is attached.

3.  Use the prongs of the closer/snap to poke holes in the felt (or you may need to use the points of sharp scissors), centered on the felt piece.

4.  Bend back the prongs so that they are flat against the felt piece.  Instructions say you can use your fingers, but I use pliers.  That way I get a good connection between the snap and the felt.  You don’t want the snap to pull out of the felt.  When the snap is in use, there is a lot of pressure on the snap.

5.  Then, sew the felt piece, with the snap ½ installed on the inside of the purse, usually in the middle.

6.  Repeat with the other snap half; align, sew and you are ready to go.

Here are a couple of photos of the snaps installed in the felt piece before it has been sewed into the purse:






The nice part about this is that the backing for the snap “matches” your purse exactly.



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