Monday, February 25, 2008

Frozen Shoulder, Spring Thaw

Along with the lengthening and warming days comes the thawing of my shoulder. Recently I noticed I couldn't move my right arm, (my knitting arm!!) with the same range of motion as my other arm. I also was experiencing aching pain. I won't go on and on but after a visit to my internist and a referral to a physical therapist the diagnosis was: Frozen Shoulder!!!! It turns out it is VERY COMMON in women of "my age"!

My first question to the physical therapist was, " Do I have to give up knitting?" Fortunately, no. But no "hunching" my shoulders so I have to hold my knitting way down in my lap.

All I can say to my fellow knitters is: beware! Read about frozen shoulder here and this book, The Frozen Shoulder Workbook and DVD, Frozen Shoulder are useful, too.

The therapy is slow but I am told the success rate is high and I haven't stopped knitting!



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