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Knitting Pattern Central

This site has LOTS (I think the most) of free patterns:   Look under the category you are interested in and go from there!!


A List from


The Daily Knitter

I just discovered this site and am still evaluating the patterns, but the first look seems good.


Drops Design or garnstudio

Most of the patterns are free.  Wow.  Sophisticated styles and a wide variety.


Bella Online

A list of sites that have free patterns so there may be some repetitions.  


Cover Your Head

A Hat-a-Long website that has links to knitting patterns for hats, and a whole lot more.  Look under the "Charities" section for links to free patterns for mittens, afghans, hats, etc.


Knitting Projects & Articles from Interweave Press

Look here for free patterns and articles from one of the best knitting magazines out there.  Very well written patterns and articles.  A magazine worth subscribing to.


DIYNetwork - Knitty Gritty

DIY Network:  Knitty Gritty Patterns: There is a wide range of patterns here. 


The Knitting Zone

If you sign up for their newsletter, The Knitting Zone News, they send you free patterns.  Here is the link to sign up:

My Free Knitting Patterns!!  glampyre knits


Marnie MacLean: Free Patterns

Colorful Stitches

Right now, just hats and scarves, but more to come in the near future.  Interesting ladder scarf pattern.



Baby Bobbi Bear

This pattern is just too cute.  I must buy this pattern.

Wooly Wonder:  

kids stuff,  Keppie, a cute hat.

Captain Underpants


Dishrags and Towels

Honeycomb Dishrag Pattern

Textured Brick/Slipstitch Dishrag

Dish Towel in the Nina Shawl Pattern

This is inspiration from the Mason Dixon KAL and Barbara Walker.  Read the entry and you will see how the clever person used the shawl pattern from the Mason Dixon Knitting book and a slip stitch pattern from Barbara Walker's book to create a beautiful dish towel.

Garterlac Dishcloth


Felted Purses/Handbags    

The photos below are Noni Bags (felted).  You can purchase patterns for these at yarn stores or online.  

Interview with Nora Bellows, the creator of the Noni bags

Here is a website that has photos of all the patterns. Noni Bags.  You have to have your POP-UPs ON for this site to see the photos. (You can set your pop-ups to be on for only this site.) Click on each one to see the photos.  Here are a few.



Fingerless Gloves


Double Knitting

Star Scarf




Knitted Flower:  similar to Noni Camellia

Spikey Flower

Nicky Epstein Flowers




Cover Your Head

A KAL devoted to hats.  Lots of links for hat patterns and lots of contributors for inspirations.

Interweave Knits Short Row Hat


Items for the Home

Felted Coasters, Beverage Jackets, and Hotpad Pattern

Moderne Log Cabin from website


Purses (mostly felted)

chris byls designs

A pattern to purchase or an inspiration!  Felted cables.

Lorraine: a "faux Ferrigamo" bag

Vivian Hoxbro Free Patterns.  Mitered Square Felted Purse.  Not just felted bag patterns.  Worth a look.



"Purse pattern:  "Special Companion" 



Felted "No Rules" Bag



Felted Purse pattern from



Belle Felted Handbag

        Use this tip sheet if making the Belle Felted Handbag        

        Tip sheet for Belle Handbag


  Elle Felted Handbag

        Use this tip sheet if making the Elle Felted Handbag

        Tip Sheet for Elle Handbag


The Sophie Bag:   This is the Sophie Bag that I made in black with green novelty yarn trim at the top.  To see my Sophie Bag, go here.


Modified Sophie Bag with Beaded Handle



Booga Bag:          



The Balloon Bag!



Drops Design:  free patterns


Free Felted Patterns and Free Felted Purse Patterns

Lots of felted purse patterns!!!


Fjord Felted Baguette Bag



Nubbles Felted Triangular Handbag



Pike Place Market Bag






The Little Coco Bag



Small Felted Bag w/Partition

Felted Handbags and Totes from Noble Knits

Flower Purse


Felted Bag with Mitered Squares



Recycled sweater totes

Handbags from old sweaters:  Similar idea as in the book, Alterknits.




Not Quite Straight Scarf

Keyhole Scarf Pattern

Flora Scarf Pattern



Soap Socks



Cable Twist Socks

Boogie Knits Free Sock Pattern Links




Sweater Pattern Generator

Sunrise Circle Jacket:

A free pattern from Interweave Knits.  This one really speaks to me.

Mason Dixon Knitting: PerfectSweater


Sweaters for dogs

Web generated dog sweater pattern

Custom dog Sweater for fido.


Tank Tops

Tank Top


Wrist Warmer Patterns



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